Early Learning Curriculum & Resources

Homeschooling doesn't have to be expensive, especially in the early years. There are so many different early learning resources to fit your needs and wants. Check out some of our favorites! #preschool #kindergarten #homeschoolers #homeschooling

Homeschooling varies greatly from family to family. Some families start homeschooling as young as two, while others take a more relaxed approach until the child shows an interest in learning. And still others follow strict guidelines or rules to help them achieve their goals. But that is what makes homeschooling so wonderful!Whether you’re of the […]

FREE Fall Preschool Printables (SO CUTE!)

Fall Freebie Pin HSG

I’m going to say up front, that these are not the typical vintage graphics that I’m basically obsessed with and use on everything. But I WILL SAY that as soon as I saw them, I was in LOVE. I honestly couldn’t resist how sweet, simple, and colorful they are. I think you’re going to love […]

FREE for One Week – Letter H Notebook


Join the journey through the alphabet this week with the next installment of the Letter of the Week Series, Letter H. And, don’t miss this week’s printable Letter H Notebook. It’s free for one week only!   This week’s Letter H pack includes: Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Mazes Dot-to-dots Circle the letter H’s page Horse […]

FREE Letter F Preschool Notebook


Join our Letter of the Week Series this week with a fun hands-on printable Letter F Notebook! This week’s Letter F pack includes: Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Mazes Dot-to-dots Circle the letter F’s page Fox & Flower Craft pages with cut out templates Coloring Pages Do-a-Dot Pages 3 Types of Puzzles CLICK HERE TO GRAB THIS […]

Indoor Gross Motor Activities for Your Young Learner


Fall is here and there are bound to be some rainy days ahead of us. Keep these indoor gross motor activities handy for some active learning fun for those days when going outside is just not happening. You need things for your learners to get their wiggles out before everyone goes a little crazy. You […]