FREE Fall Preschool Printables (SO CUTE!)

Fall Freebie Pin HSG

I’m going to say up front, that these are not the typical vintage graphics that I’m basically obsessed with and use on everything. But I WILL SAY that as soon as I saw them, I was in LOVE. I honestly couldn’t resist how sweet, simple, and colorful they are. I think you’re going to love […]

FREE Preschool Math Counting Game


Preschoolers love learning through play and games to help solidify what they are learning. This preschool counting game can use your child’s favorite snack. Kids love to learn with food! You can print the cards and laminate them to use them over and over again with a favorite snack such a cereal, or graham crackers. […]

FREE Cookie Counting Worksheets


Counting with little ones can be a lot of fun. Learning at the preschool age doesn’t have to look like school at all.These printables include practice for counting to ten and matching like objects. Your little ones will love counting the chocolate chips on the cookies and matching the cookies. These activities will have your preschoolers counting the […]

FREE Bunny Math Pack


If your kids love bunnies they will really enjoy doing math with these adorable bunny theme!With this bunny math pack your kids will learn to draw basic shapes in geometry and can color in the words as well. Use colored pencils to make it more fun or laminate the pages and use dry erase markers over […]

FREE Preschool Counting Games

counting games

Preschoolers learn best through play. Counting games are a fun way to learn numbers and learn how to do math! They are so much fun, that your children won’t even know that they are learning.I can not believe how many adorable counting games there are. These are so cute and so much fun. Your little […]

Monster Googly Eyes Counting Game


Here is a fun little game for your preschoolers!Monsters and googley eyes are so much fun! Children learn best through play, and they get to play by giving their monsters their own googly eyes in this fun counting game!You can grab this cute game HERE. Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and […]