Preparing Your Middle Schooler for High School


Is this this your child’s last year of middle school? Do you wonder if your child will be fully prepared for high school? If so, these essential skills to prepare your middle school student for high school will come in extremely handy throughout the year. I think it is nerve wrecking for most of us, […]

FREE Checklist of Absolute Must-Dos for High School


If your child is college-bound, then do not miss out on this post and checklist for how to prepare for college with things you absolutely must do in high school first. My kids aren’t in college yet, but I honestly am already thinking about things that may need to be done as soon as they enter […]

Before College Checklist for Car and Personal Items


Check out these podcasts and prep checklists for personal items and your car before your homeschooler heads to college. You and your young adult should consider what is needed for the car or personal items to make their life easier away from home. You can never be too prepared, and its better to over do […]

How to Create a Master Portfolio for your High School Homeschooler


If you aren’t already there, you know the time will come when your student will reach the High School years. There may be that lingering question about homeschool and college… hoping that if your child decides to go to college that you have done enough, that they have done enough etc. Once your child hits this […]