Free Pray for your Mother Prayer Calendar


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we know that you want to bless your mother this year. Gifts are a nice treat, but many miss the opportunity to pray for their mother all year long. Download a free Pray for your Mother Prayer Calendar from Talking Mom2Mom! Do you have a struggling relationship with your […]

FREE Printable Prayer Guide for the Hyper-Aggressive Child


Do you have a child who is hyper-aggressive? Do you find yourself being embarrassed or even ashamed? It is time to look at your child with fresh Christ-like eyes. It is important to pray for your child’s behavior, seek to reform, but also seek to love him right where he is at in the same […]

FREE Prayer Guide for the Mom of a Special Needs Child


Do you have a child with special needs? Download this beautiful graphic to keep in your prayer journal or to set up in your home to remind you of those things you can pray daily for this precious child God has blessed you with.DOWNLOAD IT HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

6 Prayers for the Stubborn Child’s Heart FREE Printable Prayer Guide


Do you have a stubborn child? Do you know a stubborn child? Were you that stubborn child? I am sure we have all had our days where we locked horns with our children. Here are specific prayers for your stubborn child that they might use that God-given personality trait for His glory and not for […]