25 Fun Money Activities for Kids


Learning about money doesn’t have to be all textbook-based. Any learning is so much more fun with manipulatives, and even more so when learning about cash and coin. There are lots of opportunities to play with money. Check out these 25 fun money activities. Chances are that you’ll already have most of the supplies on […]

100 TV-Free Play Activities for Kids


Has spring break hit your homeschool yet? People keep asking me that, and I’m wondering, “Spring break? What’s that?” We’re racing to the finish line and aren’t stopping until we reach it! Nevertheless, these 100 TV-free play activities are terrific for keeping kids busy during down time whether it be for spring break or afternoon […]

FREE Printable We Can/Can’t Play Door Hanger


Oh, boy! It can be such a dilemma when the neighbor kids want to play, but you own kids aren’t done with their school work yet! Head them off at the pass with this free, printable We Can/Can’t Play Door Hanger. The colors, font, and design are kid-friendly, and it will hopefully help to stave […]

FREE Future Veterinarian Pet Printable {For Pretend Playtime}


There are some future veterinarians out there that are going to love this free printable! It’s perfect for make-believe which, if you’ve been homeschooling for very long, you know is closely related to a child’s development.┬áMaria Montessori said, “Play is the work of the child!” To read more about how it directly affects your child, […]

FREE Nature Walk Activity Pack


Get your magnifying glasses out and take a walk to soak up the sights and sounds of nature…  This is a fun outdoor activity allowing your children to experience the simple pleasures of the fresh air and nature! The download includes a mini lesson plan and a worksheet based on the 5 senses to follow […]

FREE Pioneer Girl Paper Dolls


Does your child love Little House on the Prairie? My daughters have all the books and the movies. We enjoy them at least once or twice a week. ┬áHere are two sweet little pioneer girl and boy paper dolls based on the Little House on the Prairie series.DOWNLOAD IT HERE Need An Affordable Approach to […]