FREE Printable Shapes Playdough Mats


These shape playdough mats will help children learn about twelve different 2D shapes. Not many of my friends even allow playdough in the house, let alone use them for learning. However, kids usually love playdough and do well with using them for learning. Try out this practice on shapes with your homeschool. If you don’t let playdough inside, […]

Preschool Spring Flower Planting Play Dough Activity


This fun and adorable flower planting play dough activity is guaranteed to entertain your preschooler or toddler. These look absolutely adorable. You can especially look to do this during those Spring rainy days when going outside is not ideal. This activity is also a great way to work on your toddler’s visual perception and a fun way to […]

Bubble Bath Play Dough Recipe


Have you ever been to Lush? If you’re asking, “Is that the cute, but outrageously expensive handmade cosmetic store?” then, yes you have! I love everything in that store, but as I walk through I’m thinking, “I could make that at home for a dollar.”So, here you go. A copycat recipe for their delightful multipurpose moldable […]

Free Printable Spring Play Dough Mats


Kids love playing with play dough, take that love and make it part of your homeschool! This spring you can make your homeschooling more fun with great educational worksheets to encourage your kids to love learning! Little learners will have fun working on their reading and coloring skills with these fun worksheets! Stop by Living Life […]

Hands-On Fractions with FREE Printable Anchor Chart


Manipulatives are such a vital tool for some children. In this case, being able to hold and mold play dough can help your child to grasp the concept of fractions! The free, printable Fraction Anchor Chart clearly explains the basic concepts of fractions, and will help them to make sense. What a relief to have another math […]

FREE Pretend Play Ice Cream Shop


It is summertime and the kids are hot outside. On those super hot days, let them cool off and be creative inside by pretending to play ice cream shop and “scooping” their own “ice cream” while playing with play dough. This would make fun for multiple ages, and entertain for hours.DOWNLOAD THEM HERE Need An […]