FREE Notebook Template for Decimal Place Value and Teaching Ideas


Check out these excellent ideas for solidifying decimal place value concepts in your homeschool. This freebie is for the upper elementary grades to help start introducing decimal place value. The notebook template has a “Remember” section that is super useful for your child to remember why and what they are doing. The free resources and […]

FREE Printable Place Value Activity


Grab this free printable place value activity to help kindergartners understand place value. The Measure Mom helps us with making math fun for our kids and makes place value a fun math concept to teach. This hands-on place value activity using nuts and bolts too so get ready for your boys to be totally into […]

Activities for Building Number Sense


Number sense comes easily for some children, for others it does not. If you have a child that struggles in this area, you can help to strengthen her understanding with these activities! They cover concepts such as place value, reading and writing numerals, counting on and back, and so much more!Click here to build your child’s number […]

Learning Place Value Activity with FREE Printable


There are many ways to learn place value. This activity will help your student to understand place value; the printed manipulatives help because the concepts are reinforced through physical touch. The author ties this place value printable into the game, Real Racing. So, if you have a son that likes that game, he might catch on even […]

FREE Printable Place Value Activity


Most students are introduced to algebra in the elementary grades. The sooner they can understand what an equation is and that both sides must be equal, the easier start they’ll have in the subject. This free, printable activity will help your child understand place value and expanded form – building blocks of algebra. This activity also helps […]