Essential Oils Safe for Pets (+ 5 Essential Oil Recipes for Dogs)


Essential oils can be used in many of the same ways they are used for humans, but for your pets. They can help ease their physical issues such as joint pain, skin problems, respiratory issues, digestive problems, circulation, hormonal imbalances and parasites just like they do for us. Proverbial Homemaker also mentions that emotionally, oils can […]

LEGO Pets: Building Instructions for Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Lizards, and More


Children love to be creative, work with LEGOs, and they love animals. This fun project combines all three for an exciting play time. They are motivated by their desire to play and will learn to follow directions as they create these animals!Click here to make LEGO pets using the free instructions! Need An Affordable Approach to […]

How to Keep Your House Tidy with Kids, Pets, Jobs, and a Life


If you’re looking for some real-world advice, this is it. I’ve been homeschooling for ten years now, and I know how life can pull at a homeschool mom. Most days I’m just trying to get the majority of our school work done and the eraser shavings wiped off the table in time to set it for dinner, […]

Free Pet Store Zoology Science Lesson For Kids


Turn a simple trip to your local pet store into a fun and engaging science field trip. You can introduce beginning concepts of zoology with this age-appropriate lesson that is adaptable for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade students.   Learn about habitats, attributes, scientific names, and more with this free printable lesson. Students choose an animal that they […]

FREE Printable Pet Lesson Pack


A well-loved pet can be a great motivation for learning, and your child will be thrilled to work with this free printable pack! Drawings included are a dog, a cat, a guinea pig, a snake, and more! The worksheet’s topics cover handwriting, telling time, syllables, order cards, and even more. It’s really got it all covered!Click here […]

FREE Pet Emergency Printables for Zoology Study and Future Veterinarians


Maybe your student longs to one day be a veterinarian; or perhaps you are studying zoology in your homeschool this year. These free Pet Emergency Printables are perfect to support either the dream or the curriculum! It will be sure to interest and even excite your child! These printables explain how to perform CPR on cats […]

Free and Cheap Kindle Books for Dog Owners

March 28

FREE  and Cheap Kindle Books for Puppy Owners Please remember, Amazon prices can change quickly. The books below were free at the time this post went live, but may only be so for a limited time. Please double check the price before purchasing any of the books below.         Puppy Training: The Puppy-Lover’s Handbook {FREE}    Puppy Training: How to Housebreak Your […]

Free Find the Hidden Numbers- Pets Math Game


Kids love pets and learning new things, so if you combine the two, learning math can be fun! Kids have to learn how to recognize numbers before they can begin learning any other mathematical skill. Playing games with your kids is a great way to encourage them to want to learn. So be sure to […]

Free Pet Themed Printable Pack


These pet-themed printables are a wonderful way to cover a lot of bases at one time! They’ll practice counting, graphing, upper/lower case sorting, and more!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!

Preschool Pet Series: FREE Printables and Crafts of Favorite Pets – Dogs!

Preschool Pet Series Dogs

Preschoolers love animals! This is the first post in a six week series on cute animals that make favorite pets!FREE Dog Themed Printables:Puppy Love Pre-K Activity Pack from Year Round Homeschooling – this adorable packet includes tracing activities, coloring pages and more!Dog Kinder and Tot Pack from Royal Baloo ages 2-7.Preschool Puppy Pack from Confessions of […]