20 Toddler Painting Ideas


Check out these 20 painting ideas for toddlers. These toddler painting activities and ideas are for one year olds, two year olds or three year olds to enjoy. Easy painting ideas, finger painting, messy play are just so much fun; we put our cleanliness away and enjoy those kiddos. There are so many toddler painting […]

19 Fun Ways to Paint with Kids

Fun-Ways-to-Paint-with-Kids (1)

Let your homeschoolers create their own works of art… in the coolest of ways! Are you running out of art ideas? Then this is the freebie for you! You will discover that you don’t have to search far for fun and creative art projects. These activities help your homeschooler to think outside of the box […]

10 Dollar Store Hacks for Fun Warm Weather Kids Activities


Just because school has started back doesn’t mean that the hot weather is leaving anytime soon. Besides, in some areas fall is perfect weather to spend some time outdoors. These dollar store hacks offer great ways to get your little ones out of the house for a bit. Some of them might make great activities to incorporate […]

Mess-Free Paint with an Egg Carton


I’m convinced that one of the reasons we moms don’t do more crafts with our kids is because we don’t want to deal with the mess and clean up. Well, if you’re thinking about a fun afternoon of painting, this mess-free painting set up will have you clicking your heels! Click here to paint mess-free! […]

Art Appreciation For The Young Child with FREE Printable


In our early years of homeschooling, art study was such a joy! Now that my kids are in middle and high school, our studies are more academic in nature. But those early years…sigh…it was such a pleasure to sit together on the couch and look through a book of Monet’s or Norman Rockwell’s paintings. These […]

Watercolor Pencil 101 Tutorial Video and FREE Printable


I don’t know about your kids, but mine could do art all day long! Here’s a fun Watercolor Pencil 101 Tutorial Video and free printable for you to enjoy in your homeschooling! After you have completed the tutorial, you could go on to use watercolor pencils as a new medium for completing other coloring worksheets. […]

Free Black Glue and Salt Leaves Printable


I can’t get enough of all things Fall! Here’s a fun craft that you can add to your Fall unit study. Or maybe you just want to take a break with your kids to paint and talk about the great God who created all things and made them beautiful. The combination of salt and acrylic […]