How to Simplify Your Meal-Planning Routine


It’s not always easy to get a hot, delicious, nutritious meal on the table for our families. It might be necessary, but it’s not always easy. Check out these 10 tips to simplifying your meal-planning routine. Wouldn’t it be nice to move beyond the daily “What am I going to make for dinner tonight?!” panic?Yes, […]

Homeschool Storage Solutions


I usually start our school year off with everything looking so pretty and organized! Honestly, by the time a few months rolls by, most of our books, baskets, charts, and shelves are a mess. Here are some helpful ideas for Homeschool Storage. While we may have seen these ideas at one time or another, perhaps a […]

Homeschool Organization Giveaway


Homeschool Organization Giveaway You’ve always wanted one of these, but couldn’t justify the expense. Come enter to win the multi color 10-drawer organizer cart at Katie’s post also give great tips for keeping your homeschool area and records neat and organized. This homeschool organization giveaway ends on 5/23. First Prize: Seville Classics 10-Drawer Organizer […]

Free Springtime Kids’ Organization and Cleaning Checklist


Teaching kids how to organize and clean properly are important tasks for parents to teach. Using checklists to train your kids what needs to be done will help them learn and stay on track. Spring is a great time to teach organization and cleaning lessons as you’re spring cleaning your home! Your kids will have […]

FREE Wintertime Kids Organization and Cleaning Checklist


This FREE Wintertime Kids Organization and Cleaning Checklist Pack is a great resource to help your kids learn how to help around the house! Kids need to learn how to help keep their things organized and cleaned. In doing so, the kids will be helping mom with her daily housekeeping tasks! Inside you’ll find a cleaning and organizing […]

Free Floral Printable Calendars


The New Year is all about starting fresh and planning for many exciting things to come. One of the best ways to stay organized (especially for all the visual learners) is by keeping track of events on a calendar. These floral calendars are not only great for saving the date, they’re also a great reminder […]