FREE Printable Homeschool Planning Pages


It doesn’t matter that we are firmly into the month of February and roughly over halfway through the school year. It’s always a good time to stop and ask ourselves, “Is what I’m doing working?” If you feel like your homeschool could use a better plan or a little more organization, these pages are for […]

How to Simplify Your Meal-Planning Routine


It’s not always easy to get a hot, delicious, nutritious meal on the table for our families. It might be necessary, but it’s not always easy. Check out these 10 tips to simplifying your meal-planning routine. Wouldn’t it be nice to move beyond the daily “What am I going to make for dinner tonight?!” panic?Yes, […]

Homeschool Storage Solutions


I usually start our school year off with everything looking so pretty and organized! Honestly, by the time a few months rolls by, most of our books, baskets, charts, and shelves are a mess. Here are some helpful ideas for Homeschool Storage. While we may have seen these ideas at one time or another, perhaps a […]