How to Plan Structure Free and Child-Led Home Education in 15 mins a Week


The Secrets of Planning Without Planning 2.0 – FREE Online Training for Home Educating Parents. A FREE web class created for and by home educating Parents-Educators. It teaches how to effectively plan Structure-Free, Child-Led and Long-Term Home Education in less than 15 minutes a week. A real life changer for every home educating family! CLICK […]

Using Technology with Charlotte Mason Homeschooling


Charlotte Mason homeschool moms can incorporate technology throughout their lessons. If living books and Charlotte Mason education is your homeschooling approach, then learn how to blend techie things in it all. There are some brilliant digital resources we can find to go along great alongside your literacy-based learning methods. Check out these 5 techie tips […]

FREE Montessori Materials for Elementary Grades


If you are incorporating Montessori learning in your homeschool this year, then these free Montessori elementary resources for Montessori elementary homeschoolers is just what you need. The resources are specific for ages 6-9 and 9-12 Montessori elementary kids. I am so glad that resources like this are listed out in one place to help us […]

A-Z FREE Online Montessori Materials


This list of sites with free Montessori downloads is absolutely what you need to create professional-looking Montessori materials for your homeschool. These links are great for preparing Montessori activities for all ages, even if they weren’t designed specifically as Montessori printables. All you really need to prepare for these is paper or cardstock, printer and […]

How to Homeschool With Online Classes for Teens


Using online classes is an awesome alternative to traditional books or videos and a great opportunity when homeschooling teens. Read these absolutely great tips for you if your high schooler will be taking online classes next year. With a plethora of online homeschool classes now available, parents need to think about whether online classes are […]

Teach Your Kids to Find Credible Sources Online


Teach your children the invaluable lesson of finding credible and reliable resources online. I will be the first to admit that when I first had my daughter do research online, she came back with everything “Wikipedia”. I felt so bad for not telling her that Wikipedia wasn’t a reliable source. She had to go and […]

Free eBook: Internet Kids – Road Trip


In the world of electronic devices becoming our best friends, it’s inevitable for our kids to follow our footsteps. And as we all know, online world is full of dangers, be it sex offenders or identity theft, our kids are vulnerable as never before. Teach your little ones basics of online safety with this colorful […]

Best Homeschool Unit Studies Online


Check out these awesome digital unit study options for your homeschool lessons. As homeschoolers, we love to use unit studies to explore many subjects at once. Its one of the great benefits of homeschooling; a holistic way of teaching. These three options for homeschool unit studies are offered in a digital format for your homeschooler […]