40+ Summer Nature Walks with FREE Printables


There is a priceless value in taking a walk and slowing down enough to notice the beauty in nature. I did this with my children when they were younger, and even now as teenagers, they are quick to point out the small things. You know what else nature walks help to develop? An appreciation for […]

FREE Printable Animal Observations Journal


Most kids could benefit from increasing their attention span. This free, printable Animal Observations Activity will help them increase their focus and attention by taking advantage of their natural love for animals. This journal is perfect for a walk through the neighborhood or a trip to the zoo!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]

Free Summer Nature Study Makes Learning Science Easy and Fun!


Looking for some educational summer fun? A summer nature study for elementary and middle school ages that includes the study of biology, physical science, and chemistry keeps learning science a “real life” adventure all summer long! Over my family’s years of homeschooling, nature study was one of our favorite activities and it didn’t stop just […]

FREE Printable Nature Walk Activity Page


Nature walks are relaxing and fun, but do your kids feel like it’s “just another walk”? This free, printable Nature Walk Activity Page will help them to focus more on what is going on all around them! They can look it over before you head out or they can take it with them and write […]

FREE Nature Walk Trail Sign Printable


The weather has been just heavenly here in Florida this week – perfect for a hike! This free, printable Nature Walk Trail Sign is an easy way to make a simple walk or hike seem much more exciting. While you’re teaching the kids these simple signs, you’re also teaching them a survival skill! Instructions are included […]

Over 50 FREE Nature Walk Printables

Girl walks through the birch forest

For some of us, spring is almost here. This also means that it is about to be the perfect time to get your children back outdoors after the long winter months. My kids LOVE being outside and they really enjoy nature study. Studying nature comes so naturally to children. I love that it shows that […]

FREE Nature Walk Collection Sheet


Enjoy the outdoors while it is still warm and go for a nature walk! Kids can use this printable to write and draw the special things they have found outdoors and collected in their nature bags.DOWNLOAD IT HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!