FREE Printable Interactive Multiplication Flashcards


There’s no way around it – times tables have to be memorized! This fast adding will benefit us our whole lives. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of practice (and dedicated practice at that), so flashcards are a logic method of learning them. These practical multiplication cards are perfect for drilling and there’s even a […]

FREE Printable Multiplication Strategy Mat


Multiplying is a concept that some children will struggle to comprehend. If you can help your student understand that multiplication is fast adding, it may help! This free, printable Multiplication Strategy Mat helps the student by showing him that there are several different ways to solve a multiplication problem!Click here to download your free printable! […]

FREE Printable Skip Counting Basketball Flashcards


Skip counting may be a challenge for your child, but it’s an important skill that leads up to multiplication. Print up these sporty Skip Counting Basketball Flashcards and watch your child warm up to the idea of running through flash card drills!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

Free Printable Multiplication Table


Here’s a terrific table to help your youngster learn their multiplication facts! It’s brightly colored and uses kid-friendly fonts. (Of course you could print it in black and white if you’re trying to save on ink.) Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning […]