FREE Printable Multiplication Bingo Game Challenge


Will you be venturing on a journey to teach multiplication this homeschool year? This missing factor Bingo multiplication challenge game will be a great supplement to your lessons. It is important for children to be able to skip count and be able to answer simple multiplication answers. This low-prep multiplication game will help your kids practice fact […]

FREE Multiplication Games for Your Kids


Grab these 12+ free multiplication games for your homeschool. These free packs provide multiplication flashcards for 1-12 times tables, you can use several different ways. If you are trying to work through multiplication tables with your kid then these flash cards will work well. You can still use workbooks for practice but games will be […]

FREE Multiplication Puzzle Cards


This set of multiplication puzzle cards will help your homeschool learners practice memorizing multiplication facts. Frequent repetition in a variety of ways is important to learning multiplication. Using these cards are a way for your kids to practice memorizing and they can know their answers are right or wrong immediately, once their puzzles fit or […]

Mastering Multiplication FREE Printable Pack


Mastering multiplication facts is an important skill for your homeschoolers However, we know it can be a daunting concept for your kids to grasp. This sample packet comes with 11 fun, hands-on activities to introduce, teach and help master multiplication facts. If your homeschooler can master the basics, all other math concepts are easier to […]

FREE Graphing Calculator Activity- Integer Multiplication


To incorporate technology into your classroom, use this graphing calculator activity for exploring integer multiplication. This simple lesson and activity will help kids make sense of integers. My daughter had a real hard time with integers, so I am thinking if providing this as a review. This integer multiplication activity will help your students discover […]

12+ FREE Multiplication Games for Kids


This 3-part free pack has multiplication flashcards for 1-12 times tables, that you can use several different ways. Multiplication is the not the easiest math subject for kids to get. Many of them can memorize their times tables, but understanding the concept may be a little more difficult. Use these games to help your kids […]

How to Teach Multiplication and Division with LEGO Bricks


Check out this fun and hands on way to teach multiplication and division with LEGO bricks. These ideas are super easy for your kids to stay interested and actually succeed. Making the transition from counting to then adding to then multiplying takes a lot of time, patience and practice. For a homeschool parent, if teaching […]

FREE Fun Multiplication Worksheets that Build Conceptual Understanding


Use these free and fun multiplication worksheets in order to build on your child’s conceptual understanding. Teaching multiplication is not easy. Getting your kids to understand why they are doing what they are doing can be even harder. This resource is great to help kids understand multiplication vice just memorizing it. Grab your fun and […]