Bible Characters Boys Love with FREE Printable


Boys need heroes that they can admire for their bravery and adventure! The Bible is full of role models that you and your son can read about like Joseph and even Samson. The best thing about their stories is that they were just human men that submitted themselves to God. He turned their story into something […]

FREE 10 Commandments Bible Learning Pack


This subscriber freebie from The Road to 31 comes with lots of fun activities to learn all about the 10 Commandments.  This is perfect for teaching multiple ages on the elementary level at the same time.DOWNLOAD IT HERE

7 Ways to Teach the 10 Commandments


Click the links below to see FREE or almost FREE Resources for teaching your students about The Ten Commandments:1.) The Ten Commandments Lap Book2.) Make a Replica of the Ten Commandments3.) Learn the Hebrew Language used in The Ten Commandments4.) The Singing Bible CD5.) The Ten Commandments Train Printable6.) The Ten Commandments Storyboard Printable Set7.) […]

Teaching the 10 Plagues FREEBIES

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Make flipcharts, learn new songs, compile a mini book, and print some free worksheets all about Moses and the 10 plagues at the link below.  Supplement your Bible lesson or create an entire lesson plan using these great resources from 10 PLAGUES FREE PRINTABLES HERE