Montessori-Inspired FREE Printable Zoology Pack


Animals are always fun to study, aren’t they? Add another dimension to your child’s zoology study with this free, printable Zoology Pack. It has animal pictures and classification headings for categorizing animals and their body coverings. It will be a fascinating study!Click here to download your free printable!

U.S. Presidential Election Cards


No matter what you think of the nominees, now is the perfect time to teach your kids about the United States presidential election process. To make this easy, Research Parent is offering free, printable, Montessori-inspired cards for learning about presidential elections featuring terms appropriate for kids in kindergarten through middle school. Also included are 4 […]

17 Free & Cheap Kindle Books About the Montessori Method

September 15

Please remember, Amazon prices can change quickly. Prices shown are accurate as of the time this post went live, but may only be so for a limited time. Please double check the price before purchasing any of the books below.      Montessori from the Start – 2.99   Montessori Sensorial Activities – 2.99   Montessori at Home – 2.99   Montessori […]

FREE Printable Art Activities for Kids on the Ancient Civilizations


Are you studying the Ancients this year in your homeschool? This is an awesome freebie that is a printable art card set in a 3 part Montessori Card Style). She includes directions on how to use these cards as a matching and memory game. They really look like a lot of fun. There are cards […]