Berry Picking and Baking with Blueberries for Sal


Your homeschool will enjoy these Blueberries for Sal Montessori-inspired activities to get the most out of the precious classic. Blueberries for Sal features a little girl, Sal, and her mother as they go and pick blueberries for winter. These activities include things from berry picking to baking. You and your kids can really enjoy this […]

28 Ways to Keep Your Toddler BUSY {FREE Printable List!}

toddler busy 28 waysHSG

Keeping little ones out of trouble and focused on┬ásomething good can often be a challenge.┬áMore often than not, the solution seems to be more toys or activities or games- but then you’re completely overwhelmed by clutter and their attention can be short! Maria Montessori said, “To assist a child we must provide him with an […]