5 FREE Ways to Teach Money in Your Homeschool

5 Free Ways to Teach Kids About Money

If we really think about it, one of the best things to do once our kids learn to count is to teach them about money. Check out this eye opening post for teaching about money in your homeschool, and 5 free ways to get started. There are a few easy ways to begin teaching money […]

7 Tips for Saving Money with Cash Envelopes


Incorporating cash envelopes into your budgeting system at home may be a wise decision, even in this technological age. Cash envelopes will undoubtedly save you money, it is proven. However, we understand the convenience of credit cards make sit hard to resist. It may seem slightly archaic to use cash, but the benefits of trying […]

4 FREE Printable Coin Worksheets

Coin Worksheets - Blog

Learn all about coins with your kindergarten and first grade students using these four free coin worksheets. The four most common coin values are included: quarter, dime, nickel, and penny. Each worksheet asks students for the value of each coin in cents. The worksheets also have a word tracing section, kids can color the worksheets, […]

Explore Money with Preschool Coin Sorting Fun (FREE Printable Pages)


Explore money with your young learners by using this fun coin sorting free printable activity. If you are teaching about money, whether it be identifying coins or teaching the value of it, this activity is a fun way to assist. The activity is low-prep and is a perfect addition to your preschool and early years […]

FREE Money Printables


Children love to play with money, but you can turn it into a learning opportunity with these free, printable money worksheets. They will teach your child coin value and names. There are also coloring pages for coin fun!Click here to continue reading over at mommyismyteacher.com and to access your free offer! Need An Affordable Approach […]