Homeschooling with Missionary Biographies with FREE Printables


Do you have a heart for God and a love for adventure? If so, then of course you would want to impart that to your children. One of the best places to start is with missionary biographies. Missionaries are people who dedicate their life to spreading the gospel to their neighbors (And who is our […]

FREE Famous People Mini Quiz Pack Volume 4 – Missionaries

FREE Famous People Mini Quiz Pack Volume 4 – Missionaries

What do Richard Johnson, George Augustus Selwyn, Robert Moffat, and William Grant Broughton all have in common? They were all missionaries who left behind their homes and countries to serve God in various parts of the world. This Famous People Mini Quiz Pack explores the lives of these four missionaries through three fun quizzes. The quizzes are great […]

Missionary Biography Books and Resources with FREE Printable Pack


In sixth grade, I read the biography of George Muller. There were times that he had no food to feed the children in his orphanage, yet he would assemble them around the table and pray a prayer of thanks and trust. More than once, God miraculously provided food for them! To this day as an […]

Why I am excited about this BRAND NEW Missionary Unit Study!

Ten cover - 600

I LOVE missionary biographies. I actually have an entire shelf full of them on our family bookshelf. The problem is that I am not very good at being consistent with our read alouds. There are so many wonderful stories sitting there that have never been shared.I was so excited when I first found out about this […]