Why and How to Read Aloud with your Middle Schooler


No matter how old your children are, they still love that one on one connection of reading time together. Some of the best memories of homeschooling, is cuddling up on the couch with  my little ones and good literature. As our children get older and start reading more books on their own and for their own […]

How to Start a Middle School Book Club


Starting a book club is a great way to keep your children interested in reading as they enter the upper grades. It is also an amazing way to help build new relationships. Book Clubs can also help teach your children how to have good open discussions on some harder topics and to begin to develop […]

FREE In Text Citations for Middle School


When your older students are writing more you want to make sure to teach them to avoid plagiarism in their writing.So, how do you let your readers know that you borrowed the quotation, fact, and so on? You cite your source by using an in-text citation. This simply means you are giving credit to someone for […]