How to Make Math Count for Middleschool When You’re Not the Math Mom


As our kids get older, homeschooling just gets harder. It is especially hard and daunting when there are subject that increase in teaching difficulty.Math has never been my strong suit. I was always so nervous when we got to the upper grades that I would be of no use to my children and wouldn’t be […]

The Ultimate Middle School Math Movie with FREE Lesson Plan


Here is an interesting movie to show your middle schoolers and it’s all about Math and Science!This would be a fun movie to watch on a rainy day! it is about the life of Homer Hickam and how he trys to develop a flying rocket.This student worksheet can help you to facilitate discussion and to help […]

Quadratics Word Problems and Anchor Charts

quad and factoring

If you are teaching math to upper grades this year, you may appreciate all the freebies and help you can get!These free printables can help your students with the wording of quadratic word problems and factoring quadratics. These would be great hole-punched and added to a math notebook as an easy reference.Get these free math printable […]

Multiplying Decimals Math Riddle Worksheet


Multiplying Decimals can be confusing and even boring for middle schoolers. Make multiplying decimals a bit more fun with this fun math riddle worksheet. Your student will have to solve all the problems correctly to solve the riddle. He’ll know when he messed up if he can’t find his answer at the bottom! There is […]

FREE Online Math Helps for Highschool!


Does your older student need help with their math? Teaching upper level math is not easy! If you are not math inclined it can be difficult to help your children if they are having a problem with math. I love finding free math helps online. I found this great FREE website that has free online […]

Math Essentials: Essential To Every Homeschool!


Math Essentials is essential to every homeschool!Some math books jump all over the place, and some work on one subject of problems and move on to the next without much review. This can lead to your child forgetting, or not really mastering a certain topic in math. This can lead to struggles and gaps later […]

Your Upper Level Child Will Like Learning Math!


Can Math really be enjoyable?For those that struggle with teaching math, and for the child that struggles to understand and retain math, it may seem like Math will never be enjoyable. I can not teach math, my son and I were butting heads and we were both getting frustrated. I came to the conclusion that […]

FREE Middle School Math Games

FREE Math Games Play games to review math concepts with your middle school students!

Are you looking for ways to review math concepts with your middle school students in a fun way? Look no further! Play Skunk, Bongo, and Crossing the River to add a little fun to your learning time. GRAB YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD FOR FREE MATH GAMES HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

FREE Middle School Task Cards ~ Combining Like Terms

FREE Middle School Task Cards ~ Combining Like Terms Help your children learn how to combine like terms with these free task cards!

I am of the mindset that any tool that helps make math easier is a valuable tool! These task cards for combining like terms fit my definition of a tool that ‘makes math easier’. Grab these free cards for your children and help them to learn how to combine like terms successfully! DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE […]