FREE Printable Watercolor Solar System Memory Game


Don’t shoot me, but I have always thought that outer space was dull and drab until I saw this free printable. It is a beautiful, watercolor representation of the planets in the solar system! The printable, cut down into cards and used to play games, would be a great addition to an astronomy study.Click here […]

FREE Printable Compound Word Matching Game


Sometimes students need a little help recognizing the two words that build a compound word. This free, printable Compound Word Matching Game is a fun way to learn them! The printables are available without text, in pre-cursive, and in standard. You can use the cards to play the classic “memory” game. Click here to download your […]

FREE Printable U.S. Symbols Matching Game


Games make learning easier, and this game is perfect for your child if he’s studying U.S. History this year! The rules for play are just like the game Memory. It doesn’t get any easier than that!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our […]

FREE Printable Matching Games for Preschool


Matching games are a lot of fun for little ones to play. They are great for memory skills too!These games are fun for playing a memory style game. There are 3 different matching card games in this set. There are zoo animals, transportation vehicles, and fruit.Grab the printable matching card games HERE. Need An Affordable Approach […]

FREE Printable Superhero Contractions Game


When my children were first learning contractions, the concept was confusing to them. “Wait…we’re taking out letters?” If you’d like a fun way to introduce contractions to your children or just have a game to reinforce the idea, this is for you! A free, printable Superhero Contractions Game! Simply print, cut out, and if you […]

Free Sweet Skunks Memory Match Game


This Free Sweet Skunks Memory Match Game is a great addition to your preschool learning! Memory games help your kids in many developmental ways, so play often! Preschoolers love to play games and they are a great resource for learning fun for your homeschool! Your preschooler will have a blast playing this game with you! Stop […]

Montessori Inspired Bird Unit Study with FREE Printable


Spring is in full swing and summer is nearing. My children love bird watching and ask me all the time what this bird is called or that one. has a huge list of free resources, crafts and more to teach all about birds as well as a FREE Bird Match-Up and Memory Game. VIEW […]