FREE Medieval History Unit Study


History is important to study, but Medieval History is especially exciting! Chivalry, knights, castles, and fair maidens are all ideas and roles that a young person can dream about and imagine themselves in. Make history come alive for your child with this free Medieval History Unit Study! Click here to study Medieval History for free! Need […]

FREE Printable Coat of Arms Template


A coat of arms was a crest or a symbol unique to a family or individual, and it was primarily used to establish identity in battle. If you’re studying the medieval times in your homeschool, you won’t want to miss this – a free, printable Coat of Arms Template! Let your student create one that […]

Free Create a Coat of Arms Printable


Studying the medieval era or Renaissance times in your homeschool? This is a fun activity that will compliment your studies – a free Create a Coat of Arms printable! Just like families in the past, you and your child can choose symbols and colors that represent your family well or hold special meanings. It will certainly […]

FREE Printable Medieval Kingdom Card Game


What a fun way to study the hierarchy observed by people during the medieval times! This printable Medieval Kingdom Card Game is yours free and will teach your child the order of the medieval society. Instructions are included. (It plays like Phase 10.)Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]

Free Printable Historical Paper Dolls


A collection of paper dolls is at your disposal as you study World History. This is a fun way to make history come to life for your child. They will love coloring, cutting out, and assembling their doll. Various eras are offered – Medieval, Victorian, Edwardian, Ancient Rome, Native Americans, and much, much more! There’s even […]