Measurement and Graphing Line Plot Activity (FREE Printables)


This test prep activity incorporates both measurement and graphing (line plot) to keep your learners engaged. In this activity, your students must measure accurately to the nearest quarter inch, create a tally chart, then use the information to create a line plot, and finally answer 5 questions about their data. This makes for a great test […]

Setting Up a Measurement Station (FREE Comparing Mass Task Cards)


A measurement station in your homeschool is a great way to provide regular hands-on experience doing math and science. Its normal to provide a science/math unit of just reading and answering questions, but if your homeschool is like mine, they retain more information when they manually learn along with their reading. This website gives some […]

FREE Printable “The Land of Gallon” Measurement Activity


When covering measurements in math class, have this free, printable measurement activity on hand. It shows the relationship between gallons, cups, and quarts. This activity also offers a poem and a recording sheet.Click here to download your free printables! Please note that the link to the download is in the first to the last line of […]

FREE Printable Mad Minutes Math Worksheets


Math worksheets can be a drag, and by drag I mean this: you hand one to your child and she draggggs herself through the problems. Thirty minutes later, she’s only on the third problem. Sound familiar?Amazingly, if you will set a timer, your child will hurry through her math worksheet. Don’t believe me? Try it. It worked for mine […]

FREE Units of Area Conversion Table and Practice

Conversions in Math-Measuring Area

Do you measure in square feet or in square meters? Can you convert between the two?  Give your students practice converting from English to metric measurements and back again with this free math printable. It contains conversion tables and seven activities with dozens of problems, plus an answer key. Download this free math printable today!Instant Download: […]

Build a 3D Rainbow Measurement Activity with FREE Printable


Everyone loves a rainbow! Your child will enjoy this fun math measurement activity that is visually interesting. The free printable will allow your child to measure and cut out the strips that turn into a rainbow. Instructions are included.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress […]

FREE Printable Measurement Practice Booklet


Most kids find it enjoyable to work with measurements. It’s a great way to continue studying math while also giving your student a break from the facts and figures that usually go with the subject. Here are 19 pages of free practice with this printable Measurement Practice Booklet! Simply print the pages that fit your need.Click […]