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Are you looking for high-quality multiplication worksheets? Here is your chance to win an amazing 289-page Multiplication Bundle from The Moffatt Girls! The Multiplication Bundle includes 11 packets as follows: Multiplication: Watches Multiplication: Spin and Multiply Multiplication: Spin, Solve, and Color Multiplication: Roll and Solve Multiplication: True or False Multiplication: Search Multiplication: Color by Product […]

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No matter what math your child is studying this year, there’s bound to be some extra worksheets here in the stack! Over 100 Math Worksheets for Kids has everything from Princess Counting Mats to Roman Numeral Lessons and Telling Time Activities. It’s wonderful to have access to these free worksheets!Click here to download your free […]

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Math worksheets can be a drag, and by drag I mean this: you hand one to your child and she draggggs herself through the problems. Thirty minutes later, she’s only on the third problem. Sound familiar?Amazingly, if you will set a timer, your child will hurry through her math worksheet. Don’t believe me? Try it. It worked for mine […]

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Here are some cute math worksheets to use with your preschoolers. This is such a cute theme! This 24 page printable set includes cutting practice, tracing, counting cards and counting mat (1-12). My daughter loves to practice her cutting skills.Download your FREE Preschool Animal Math Worksheets HERE. Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

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Get lots of extra practice on Geometry Translations with these free worksheets. These worksheets teach the definitions and how to identify translation transformations. There are also worksheets on how to translates figures onto a coordinate plane. These seem like complicated math terms to learn, but these worksheets and activities will make it a breeze! Download […]

FREE Math Printables Series: Speed Drill Printables and Ideas

Speed Drills

This is the last post in our FREE Math Printables Series!My daughters were both struggling with learning their math facts, and flash cards were too “booooriiing”, so I decided to make it fun and do speed drills with them. I wasn’t sure how this would go over, but when I showed them what we were […]

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