Completely FREE Math Curriculum (Full Program, Not Supplements)


Why spend lots of money on something that you can get without paying a dime? This math curriculum is available completely free and it includes kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school! (My children’s own math curriculum starts at $40 and goes upward, so I’m drooling over this offer!) Complete instructions are included with each grade; […]

Homeschool Series: Math

Math is one of those subjects you either love or hate, but the right curriculum can make all the difference. Check out this HUGE list of Math curriculum and books to help kids learn! ::

Math. That’s one of those subjects most people either really love or hate. There doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground. I am one that can do math fairly easily, but it doesn’t thrill me. However, since I’m not fantastic at math, I often have trouble teaching it to my kids. Over the years, […]

FREE One Year Homeschool Math Curriculum that Teaches and Grades for you ($125 Value)


Do you find it difficult to homeschool math? Wouldn’t you love a free homeschool math curriculum program that teaches, grades, and tracks everything for you? Now you can get this awesome, COMPLETE math curriculumFREE for a Whole Homeschool Year! It includes: * Video Lessons with Interactive Review * Curriculum eBook * Worksheets & Tests – Already […]

Homeschooling Resources Round-up Part 4 – Math

Math Resources

This is part 4 in our Homeschooling Round-Up Series and includes resources for Math. I have tried to include curriculum, living books, board games, activities, free printables and much more! If you missed Parts 1, 2 and 3 I have them linked at the bottom of the post. I also have a main link-up page where […]

OVER – Subscriber Only Freebie: Math Essentials!


Does your child need math help? Pulling out your hair trying to teach certain math concepts? That was Sarah a year ago when her son was in eighth grade! Someone recommended Math Essentials and since it was SO affordable and included instructional videos (the level she reviewed,) she decided to take the plundge! Checkout her […]

We are switching math….again, and it only costs $50 for a full year right now!


I am not going to knock any of the past programs that we have used, because for may families they really work and are successful! We are thankful to the time we used Aleks, because it caught my daughter up. It can be pricey though if you pay month-to month. My daughter also informed me […]

Tablet Class Math Giveaway! Win A Great Middle/High School Math Course ~ $100 Value 2 Winners!


I am so excited to have learned about Math!If you are looking for an affordable alternative to Teaching Textbooks or other online/computer based math programs, you NEED to check this out! We will draw 2 winners of Complete Course Curricula For one of the following: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry And Algebra 2 Over 100 […]

CLOSED Giveaway ~ A Full Year of Interactive Math Curriculum!


Congrats to our winner: Ivy LaGrone! You can purchase A+ on sale for 20% off now through the end of June! What is A+ TutorSoft Math? Glad you asked! Our sister site, Hearts at Home Curriculum Store, has posted a full review of this math curriculum. You can read it here. You can checkout […]