Simple Ways to Teach Map Skills in your Homeschool


Check out these super simple ways to teach map skills in your homeschool. If you are teaching your kids map skills then know that reading a map is a life skill that will serve them well in many areas of life. These simple ideas help teach map skills by interweaving them into your everyday  life. With […]

FREE Printable Learning Directions Worksheet


Learning to read a map and give directions is an important life skill. Even in a world with GPSs, it is important to have a sense of direction. We all know how unreliable technology can be sometimes! This free, printable Learning Directions worksheet will help your student grasp directions as it relates to locations.Click here […]

FREE Summer Fun Activity Pack

Summer Fun Activity Book

The Summer Fun Activity Pack is 58 pages of learning fun for kindergarten-2nd grade. It includes handwriting practice, early reading skills, mazes and puzzles, letter recognition, writing prompts, addition practice, seasons, logic, place value, simple word problems, pattern recognition, map skills, the water cycle, rhyming, skip counting, American history, Independence Day activities, reading comprehension, nouns and verbs, […]