FREE Fairy Themed Handwriting Manuscripts


Your precious little one will enjoy these fairy themed handwriting manuscripts. Last week, I posted a fairy themed freebie filled with a variety of activities for your preschooler. I had to share this one as well. Your children will love practicing their writing with these adorable fairy themed handwriting practice pages available in manuscript. The handwriting […]

FREE Handwriting Curriculum (Limited Time)

Looking for a new handwriting curriculum? Check out this amazing new resource!'s FREE for just 1 week! (Offer expires August 8, 2017 at 11:59pm EST). ::

Whether you’re looking for a new handwriting curriculum, or one to supplement your efforts, Mastering Handwriting at Any Level, is the answer! This unique curriculum takes students from the prewriting stages into a side-by-side curriculum that teaching manuscript and cursive together. This 154-page curriculum includes 24 pages of prewriting lines and shapes, 78 pages of manuscript/cursive […]

FREE Star Wars Quotes Manuscript Handwriting Mini Pack


When you’re asking your children to improve their penmanship it is important that we give them activities that interest them so that they have fun while learning to be diligent and do well! If you have Star Wars fans that need to work on their manuscript handwriting, then this freebie is perfect for them!Inside you’ll […]

Free ABC Animals Write Their Name Handwriting Practice Printable


Handwriting is not a child’s favorite school subject very often, but homeschool moms can make practicing penmanship more fun! Kids love learning about animals in school, and this free printable will teach them the names of animals, how to spell their names, and help them work on their handwriting! Your Preschoolers and Kindergarteners will have fun […]

Free ABC Animals Handwriting Practice Manuscript Pack


Anytime that you can incorporate animals into your homeschooling curriculum it adds an element of fun to your homeschool day! Animals make learning more fun for kids! Working on handwriting skills is not something that many children enjoy, but this fun pack is sure to bring fun to your little learners handwriting practice! Your kids […]

Free Valentine’s Day Copywork Pages


There isn’t much time left for Valentine’s Day homeschool planning; are you ready to have fun celebrating this holiday? Since Valentine’s Day is all about the celebration of love, your students will enjoy working on their handwriting skills (in manuscript and cursive) with these Free Valentine’s Day Copywork Pages! Your students will have fun working […]

FREE Middle School Penmanship Mega Pack


Do your middle schoolers need to practice their cursive? Sometimes our kids need extra practice with their penmanship. This Free Middle School Penmanship Mega Pack has cursive penmanship practice, copywork and notebooking pages! There are over 125 pages to give your middle schoolers extra practice in cursive!Download your FREE Middle School Penmanship Mega Pack HERE. Need An Affordable […]

Free Printable Ocean Animal Coloring Pages and Copywork


Maybe you’re doing a unit study on the ocean or perhaps your child just loves dolphins, starfish, and the like. These coloring and copywork pages are just what you need to make life a little more interesting!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with […]

FREE Printable: Endangered Animals Writing Activities


Looking for some writing activities? Here’s an exciting activity printable that’s packed with fun! It includes 52 pages of copywork, six themed draw and write prompts, and 18 themed writing prompts. You have your choice of four different endangered animals!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

FREE Transportation Themed Printable Pack


Included in these sets:Preschool Pack13 pages of Upper & Lowercase letter practice (all 26 letters included)2 extra lined pages for practiceEarly Elementary Pack7 pages of Manuscript word practice1 extra lined page for practiceManuscript Pack8 pages of manuscript sentences2 extra lined pages for additional practiceCursive Pack8 pages of manuscript sentences2 extra lined pages for additional practiceCombo […]