Learning The Alphabet with Hands-on Activities


These multi-sensory activities are great and fun for teaching your young learners the alphabet. The more fun your kids have, the quicker they learn. I love that at an early age, kids can totally learn so much and not even know it. There are so many ways for getting kids to be aware of letters and sounds. […]

Learning Place Value Activity with FREE Printable


There are many ways to learn place value. This activity will help your student to understand place value; the printed manipulatives help because the concepts are reinforced through physical touch. The author ties this place value printable into the game, Real Racing. So, if you have a son that likes that game, he might catch on even […]

Five Foods to Use When Teaching Fractions with FREE Printable


Have fun with math by playing with food! Many snacks are perfect for teaching fractions such as Kit Kat bars, graham crackers, and oranges. Some students struggle so much with math concepts. This spoonful of “sugar” (free, printable worksheet plus a snack) will help the “medicine” go down!Click here to download your free printable! Need […]

Clock Matching Sensory Bin with FREE Printables


This is a fun activity to help to help students learn to tell time! Once you cut down the printables, you place the digital clocks in the sensory bin and match them to the analog clocks. Children love manipulatives, and digging through the colored rice adds a different aspect to this learning activity.Click here to […]

FREE Multiplication High Fives Printables


Turning math into a game is such a pleasant, effective way to teach math facts! This free Multiplication High Fives math game uses whole body learning helps the brain learn and retain math concepts. Complete instructions are included.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress […]