FREE Printable Homeschool Lunch Ideas


If you are ready to explore some new homeschool lunch ideas, then this post and printable list will help. These 45 lunch ideas will definitely get you through the school year. The ideas are quick and easy to throw together; just what you need for your busy homeschool days. If you are like me, sometimes I stand in […]

Homeschool Lunches Made Easy

Somehow lunch seems to be the hardest meal for most homeschool moms. Here are some great tips, ideas and recipes to make homeschool lunches quick, easy and healthy! ::

As a homeschool mom, lunch is probably my least favorite meal. We are a cold cereal and Pop-Tart with the occasional pancakes/bacon/eggs kinda breakfast family. Generally speaking, my children make their own breakfasts. But by lunch they typically want something hot, which means either my oldest fixes lunch for them or I have to stop teaching […]

DIY Reusable Snack Bags


Just because we are homeschoolers doesn’t mean that we have no need for lunch boxes and baggies. On the contrary, my both of my kids have several. I want my children to have the fun of “back to school” so I let them pick out supplies as well as a lunch box. You’d be surprised […]

Trim Healthy Mama Series – 10 Week Wrap-Up

Don't know where to start with the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle? Find yourself overwhelmed? Check out over 500 recipes to help get you started! ::

Did you see our Trim Healthy Mama series? This series ran through the holidays and I didn’t want anyone to miss a single post. I started this series in hopes that I would gain more confidence and finally begin my Trim Healthy Mama journey. Having the recipes sorted in to fuel types and meals has […]