FREE Pumpkin Life Cycle Flip Book


Every moment is a teaching moment. You may be starting to see pumpkin patches all around town or planning a trip to one soon. Make these times in October/November teaching moments with your homeschool. Use this free pumpkin life cycle flip booklet and sequencing activity to teach your preschool or kindergarten homeschool. This pumpkin activity […]

Free Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Printables

Life Cycle Pumpkin PIN

I love everything about autumn. Falling leaves. Cooler temperatures. But I love pumpkins most of all! Today is a great day to begin incorporating pumpkins into your homeschool lessons. With activities that focus on early literacy and science, this Life Cycle of a Pumpkin pack is perfect for fall. Click here to download yours today. […]

Life Cycle of a Plant FREE Printable Pack

PlantLifeCycle (1)

There is so much to learn about the life cycle of a plant, and it’s really a part of science that kids can wrap their minds around. With just a few seeds and this free printable pack, you can share the joy of gardening with your child! The printable pack includes sequencing cards, coloring pages, […]

FREE Printable Science Coloring Pages


Coloring pages are fun and we usually associate them with little kids, but did you know they can be helpful to an older child as well? They can be a terrific learning aid because, really, all ages enjoy coloring! These sheets combine concepts like the human cell with the fun of crayons, markers, or colored […]

30 Animal Life Cycle Crafts & Science Activities


Springtime is the perfect time to bring some fun into your child’s schooling. With these 30 Animal Life Cycle Crafts & Science Activities, he can enjoy hands-on learning about the life cycle of butterflies, frogs, insects, and more!Click here to enjoy crafts and science activities! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and […]

FREE Printable Life Cycle of a Snowflake Booklet and Worksheets


There’s something special about snow – kids love it and wish for it. Maximize on their interest by learning about snowflakes with this free, printable booklet and worksheets! There’s a recommended book list to give you some different narratives to round out your study, and two versions of the booklet. You pick which one is […]

Free Life Cycle of a Butterfly Worksheets


New life at springtime is a beautiful thing, and kids love to explore the nature outdoors! Take time this spring to get outside and learn about all things in nature with your kids! Butterflies will begin to fly among the flowers, and kids love to watch and chase them around in the spring sunshine! Learning […]

Free Frog Life Cycle for PreK and K Pack


A frog’s life cycle is a great study for your spring science class. It provides opportunities to go on a nature walk and find frogs at different points in their life cycle! Springtime is the perfect season to get outside and explore what they are learning! Your kids will have fun learning about a frog’s […]

Free Frog Life Cycle Color and Copywork


Kids love to spend time outdoors exploring, and including their explorations in your homeschool is easy and fun! Spring brings new life to all things outside in nature. Take time to explore with your kids outside in the spring to teach them about new life in nature! Your kids will have fun learning all about […]