5 Library Hacks Every Mom Should Know


Every mom should have these library hacks and tips under her belt. I hope libraries never become a thing of the past. They are filled with mystery, history, facts, fiction, endless information and imagination. Although we have these things at our fingertips through the internet, nothing compares to actually experiencing a trip to the Library. […]

FREE Printable Reading Passport


Is reading time a bore for your child? Make reading fun and exciting for your preschool or elementary student with this free, printable Reading Passport! It will help him track the number of books that he reads and serves as a visual encouragement to fill up the chart with stamps.Click here to download your free printables! […]

Home Library Organization with FREE Printable Labels


Homeschoolers always have oodles of books. In my home, every book case is maxed out, and I’ve been meaning to hit some garage sales to find another one. If you need some help organizing your books, look no further! These organization tips are based on book topic and uses free, printable labels.Click here to download […]

FREE Library Skills Printable Pack


I took the kids to the library yesterday and found myself having to explain to them how to find a book on cats. I thought we had covered the Dewey Decimal System already, but apparently they need a refresher course. (Can I just insert right here how thankful I am for the privilege to homeschool […]

FREE Exploring the Library Printable


We homeschoolers LOVE our libraries! There’s so much to explore! My family especially loves taking our school work and lunches up to our library for a day of cultured adventure. Here’s a FREE printable that will help your child learn how to navigate the Dewey Decimal System and non-fiction section of the library.Click here to download […]

FREE PDF Children’s Book until 6/26


Sign-up for the Pomodoro Penguin newsletter and receive a free PDF advanced copy of Pomodoro Penguin and the Library Lemur.  This rhyming picture book, the 5th book in the Adventures of Pomodoro Penguin series, is suitable for ages 3-8.  This fun book follows Pomodoro Penguin and Violet Owl on a special tour of the library led […]