FREE Printable Handwriting Packet


Children may learn their ABCs in preschool, but they usually need to refine their handwriting skill throughout the first several years of elementary school. I recently discovered that my 7th grader wasn’t forming his capital Bs properly!!! All that to say, that this free, printable Handwriting Packet will not only be extra practice, but will […]

DIY Moss Letters {Pottery Barn Knock-Off} Tutorial


It’s so fun to change decorations when the seasons change! I like to pull out my fall decorations in September regardless of the fact that the temperature outside is still a robust 89 degrees.This beautiful Pottery Barn knock-off was introduced in spring, but I think it’s lovely for autumnal use too. In fact, I tuck moss all down […]

Teaching Letter Placement with FREE Printables


These free printables will give your younger elementary student lots of letter-placement practice. Twenty-seven pages on three different levels allows your child plenty of writing practice as well as letter placement. Level one has three-letter words with dotted lines to make it easy for kids to trace. Level two increases in difficulty with removal of […]

Free Cinco De Mayo Coloring Pages


Cinco de Mayo is coming up soon, so it is time to start looking for fun homeschool materials to celebrate and learn at the same time! Celebrating fun holidays in your homeschool is a great way to keep your kids excited about learning! Learning the ABCs and how to read are the first lessons you […]

Free Drawing Lessons Workbook


This book will teach your child how to draw, step by step, with the easiest approach possible…by using alphabet letters, numbers, words, and other simple shapes. In this book, Rachel will show kids how to turn numbers, alphabet letters, and words into cute cartoon characters. This is number, letter, and word fun at its best! […]

Free Letter D Coloring Pages


When you take the time to find resources that make learning fun, you’re more apt to encouraging your little learners to want to learn! Preschoolers need to have fun when they are learning or else they will likely not be interested.  The alphabet is one of the first lessons that they will need to learn, […]

Free Letter C Coloring Pages


Learning to read is an important skill for your your little learners! Adding fun reading resources is a great way to make learning more fun! Focusing on one letter at a time provides your children the opportunity to learn to recognize words that begin with the same letter! Your kids will have fun working on their […]