FREE Letter Match Activity

Pizza Letter Matching_free

Help your homeschool practice upper and lower case letters with this free printable pizza letter matching game. I am so happy about the many letter practicing printables I have been finding for alphabet skills. Letter matching games are great ways to practice the alphabet with preschoolers and pizza, well is amazing. The free printable game […]

Beach Letter Find Printable


Children love all things beach related so why not bring the beach party into the classroom. This beach letter find printable is perfect for adding to your beach theme and helping your children remember their letters!     Grab your Beach Letter Find Printable today at Living Life and Learning! Need An Affordable Approach to […]

FREE Uppercase Letter Tracing/Handwriting Worksheets


Grab these free uppercase letter tracing printables for your preschool or kindergarten homeschool. This resource will teach your homeschooler how to form the letters of the alphabet through tracing. There are 27 pages of letters for tracing; the letter D is repeated for an alternate spelling.Click here for free uppercase letter tracing/handwriting worksheets from Mom, Wife, Homeschool […]

FREE Tot School Program


Young children need lots of time to play and get acquainted with the world around them. There’s no need to lay the pressure on moms to begin an official homeschool program before their child reaches the age of five or six. However, if you think your child would enjoy some fun parent-directed learning (that looks a […]

Free Spring Dot Letter Coloring Pages


When the seasons change it can be fun to incorporate themed homeschooling resources to encourage our kids to love learning! The alphabet is one of the first lessons our little ones must tackle, but we can teach them all about their letters in many fun ways! Kids will have fun learning the alphabet in a […]

Free Preschool Letter R Worksheets


Learning to recognize their letters is an important part of a preschoolers homeschooling! Adding fun activities to your preschooler’s reading lessons is a great way to encourage them to want to learn to read! Writing the letters of the alphabet is a another way to add fun to reading class! Your kids will have fun working […]

Teaching Kids How to Write a Letter and FREE Printable Pack


Letter-writing skills are something that a person uses their whole life. The earlier you start to teach your children the hows and whys of letter writing, the better! It will become a gracious habit of communication that extends throughout their years, and they will have you to thank! Click here to download your free printables! Need […]

Free St. Patrick’s Day Color by Letter and Sight Word Worksheets


Making reading class fun for your early readers is important to keep them continually interested in learning to read! Finding fun reading resources is a great way to help reading stay fun for your students. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and these free printable worksheets are a great addition to your holiday learning […]

Free Preschool Letter “D” Worksheets


Teaching your preschoolers how to recognize and write letters, and to read words using the letters are all part of the learning-to-read process. Learning the letters of the alphabet is one of the first lessons that your preschoolers need to learn. Using fun activities will encourage your preschooler to learn and love to read! Learning the […]

Free Preschool Letter “C” Worksheets


Your preschoolers need to learn their ABCs, but they often get tired of singing or saying them. Preschool should be fun and these Letter “C” Worksheets are a great addition to your preschool homeschooling! Finding fun learning activities to include as part of their homeschool days is important! These Free Preschool Letter “C” Worksheets from Learning 2 […]