How to Teach Counting


Try these five simple activities to teach your toddler or preschooler to count using one to one correspondence. There are really simple ways to help your preschooler master counting. A lot of children use “rote” counting, where they are only repeating what they have heard before. However, true counting involves teaching a little more, and […]

6 Steps To Help Homeschool Teenagers Learn More Independently


Learn 6 steps to help your homeschool teenagers learn more independently. It is not easy to help your teenager learn on their own sometimes. Some kids just hit the ground running and others need some help from mom or dad. Don’t forget to involve them in the process, so they have buy in. Since children have […]

10 Homemaking Skills to Learn to Make Your Life Easier


Learn these 10 homemaking skills to make your life easier. This homemaking blog had me at these . Who doesn’t need help with that, right?! I can’t believe that schools don’t teach these basic skills anymore. It is pretty sad that most college kids can’t do basic skills that were once just a part of being raised […]

Learn German at Home for FREE


I heard it was pretty difficult to find specific and quality curriculum to teach languages. There definitely is free content out there on the internet, however I know its difficult to narrow it down and to choose one with the amount resources out there. Thankfully if you were interested in teaching German to your homeschool, […]

Sing ‘n Learn Giveaway! (Time Sensitive)


Did you know that teaching academics using music boosts learning? Just like games, worksheets, videos, and manipulatives, music activities can be considered one type of instructional approach. Research supports the use of music as a mnemonic device for the learning of new information! Sing ‘n Learn and CHSH have teamed up this week to offer […]