How to Learn a Foreign Language For FREE


There are so many ways to personalize your child’s homeschool journey, and choosing a foreign language is a big one. Find out how your child can learn a foreign language for free! Choose from Greek, Latin, and more!Click here to learn a foreign language for free! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

FREE Printable Latin Noun Declension Worksheets


Latin is an important tool in grasping and mastering the English language. Classical Conversation homeschoolers will recognize these worksheets as a huge help since they start their students on the Latin path from a young age. However, there are many others who will enjoy these free, printable Latin Noun Declension worksheets!Click here to download your free […]

FREE Printable Latin Nouns Declension Worksheet


For all of you Classical Conversationists and other homeschoolers that are dedicated enough to study Latin – hooray! A free, printable Latin Nouns Declension Worksheet! This worksheet will help to increase your student’s understanding of Latin nouns while they are playing with them.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

Limited-Time 30% Discount on the “Orphs of the Woodlands: The Treasure of Hightower”


30% OFF ORPHS OF THE WOODLANDS   Online Book, Curriculum, & Game! All for ONLY $18.19 (reg. $25.99!), a website for online learning, has released the first book in Orphs of the Woodlands  series called The Treasure of HighTower  for GRADES 4-7. Orphs of the Woodlands  makes learning fun! It encourages the love of […]

Featured Fridays: Our Favorites Revealed ~ Classical Academic Press


Our Featured Friday Publisher is Classical Academic Press!Classical Academic Press produces superlative educational materials to advance the revival of classical education. We specialize in subjects such as Latin and Logic, presented clearly and creatively, to equip and engage both students and teachers. These programs are the continuing, collaborative effort of distinguished scholars, teachers, and designers.These […]

Free Latin Resources & Curriculum Deals


Are you teaching your children Latin in your homeschool or are you considering it? It is amazing how many FREE Latin resources are available. While scouring the web, I found some great ones to share with you.On of my favorite Latin Curriculum publishers is Classical Academic Press. Did you know they have a separate website […]