FREE Ultimate Guide- Poetry for Multiple Ages


Poetry can be intimidating to teach to some of us. Use this ultimate guide to poetry for multiple ages (for the intimidated) to help you. When you think about it, it is easier to teach a subject with clear cut answers. Your kids study and drop the information. They either get it or they don’t, […]

FREE Top Quality Kindergarten Printables


Grab these free top quality Kindergarten Printables. There literally are printables for every subject you need and more. Prepare your kids early and visit this one stop shop (not really shop, because they are free) for kindergarten in your homeschool. Click here for endless amounts of free kindergarten printables from Kindergarten Mom. Need An Affordable Approach […]

Learn German at Home for FREE


I heard it was pretty difficult to find specific and quality curriculum to teach languages. There definitely is free content out there on the internet, however I know its difficult to narrow it down and to choose one with the amount resources out there. Thankfully if you were interested in teaching German to your homeschool, […]

Free Alphabetizing Packet


In this Interactive Learning Packet, your child will use reading and alphabet skills in addition to cutting and pasting to help them hone their alphabetizing abilities. Instead of relying solely on traditional learning skills such as reading, writing, and listening, an Interactive Learning Packet requires one or more actions on the part of your child. […]

Beginning Sounds Alphabet Clip Cards {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}


Learning sounds is the first step to good language development. These Beginning Sounds Alphabet Clip Cards encourage children to practice their letter recognition skills and associate beginning letter sounds with easy to recognize images. Use the 52 cards (2 for each of the 26 letters in the alphabet) on your homeschool shelves or classroom centers. Each […]

Forest Animals CVC Words Printable


Does your preschooler or kindergartner have a favorite animal? Use this Learning 2 Walk Forest Animals CVC Words Printable to spark their interest in learning words. Help your child review CVC words with inviting forest animals like birds, raccoons, and bears!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

Free Fruits and Vegetables Kindergarten Writing Worksheets


If you are working on a fruits and vegetables theme, your child will love this Learning 2 Walk Fruits and Vegetables Kindergarten Writing Worksheets. This printable set includes common fruits and vegetables such as apple, banana, and carrot. Each page has 2 words and there are a total of 12 pages!Click here to download your free printables! […]

Winter CVC Words Worksheets


Winter can be such a fantastic time of the year when all the right measures are taken- boots, mittens, and more. Using a winter theme from Learning 2 Walk can be equally as fun! Kids are anxiously looking forward to the winter season so that they can play in the snow and go snow tubing. On their down […]

Using Teddy Bear Cards for Preschool Letter Activities Learning


Preschoolers are such a sponge! They learn through play and their minds grow and beg for more. Using the Learning 2 Walk Teddy Bear Matching Preschool Letter Cards will help those absorbent minds grow in a fun and laid-back kind of way. Without having to force any learning, children will be excited to demonstrate their love for learning through […]