FREE Printable Animal Notebooking for Beginners


Notebooking is a wonderful learning tool. Children read and study what naturally interests them either by topic or by what specifically interests them in an assigned passage or book. They then take that information, form their own thoughts, and write it down in a notebooking journal. It’s especially exciting for parents because the child can […]

70 Australian Animals Resources: Printables, Crafts & MORE!

If you're studying Australian Animals, check out these great resources! From printables to crafts to books to recipes and more! ::

Australia is one place I dream of visiting one day. I would love to have the money to take my entire family, but right now that¬†is a distant dream. However, one of these days…maybe my husband and I can take a trip just the two of us.In the meantime, we can study¬†some fascinating and amazing […]