Free Medieval History Unit Study


If you are looking for an interesting unit study for your primary aged homeschool, then try this Medieval Times resource. In this Medieval Times unit study, your homeschool will learn about castles, knights, chivalry, coats of arms, food, and other elements from the middle ages. This even includes hands-on activities to get your learners engaged.Click here […]

Raising Modern Boys with the Old Knight Chivalry Codes


Most parents I know will be happy to raise honorable, courageous, and compassionate boys like the knights in the middle ages. The idea of using knight chivalry as the principle to help parents in training the boys is based on the middle age European history. This post shares 10 knight chivalry codes representing values that boys […]

Knights of the Round Table FREE Unit Studies and Printables

Knights of the Roundtable FREE Unit Studies and Printables

One of our favorite time periods in History is the Medieval Times and learning about knights.King Arthur and his loyal knights of the Round Table is such  a great story and legend to read about when you are studying knights and the Middle Ages. If you are learning about knights you will want to make […]

FREE Medieval History Unit Study


History is important to study, but Medieval History is especially exciting! Chivalry, knights, castles, and fair maidens are all ideas and roles that a young person can dream about and imagine themselves in. Make history come alive for your child with this free Medieval History Unit Study! Click here to study Medieval History for free! Need […]

FREE Printable Noun/Verb Game


Educational games are an effective way to combine fun and learning. What kid wouldn’t rather play a game to strengthen their language art skills than simply sitting at a table with a textbook? Not a single one. This free, printable Noun/Verb Game combines knights and marshmallows – clearly a lot of fun will be going […]

FREE Printable Medieval Kingdom Card Game


What a fun way to study the hierarchy observed by people during the medieval times! This printable Medieval Kingdom Card Game is yours free and will teach your child the order of the medieval society. Instructions are included. (It plays like Phase 10.)Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]

70+ Resources for the Letter K

Over 70 resources to help you teach the letter K. Activities, crafts, {free} printables, books & recipes! ::

Welcome to the eleventh installment of our Letter of the Week series. Today I’m sharing resources to help you teach the letter “K” to your kiddos. Remembering and making letters stick can be difficult for little ones, so these fun printables, activities, crafts, recipes and books can make a world of difference.Some fun themes you might use […]

Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes {freebies} & Resources

Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhyme Resources: {free} printables, books & crafts!!

Fairy Tales are a favorite around our house – movies, books, toys – my girls, even love making their own stories. So I decided to throw a few fun Fairy Tales printables into our homeschooling days when we had a hard week or just needed a break. I have gathered some {free} printables, books, activities […]

Knights, Castles and Dragons Free Printables!


Do your little boys like to pretend they are knights wanting to rescue the princess and slay the dragon? I found lots of cute and educational printables on knights, dragons, castles and medieval times!Knight Themed Preschool Packs and Printables:Homeschool Creations has put together a Knights Preschool Pack with rhyming word cards, beginning sound cards, color by number, […]