Hands-On Teaching Ideas


Most children love to do crafts and are responsive to hands-on teaching. Here are a bunch of great ideas to teach language arts, science, math, history, and STEM. “How Did Pirates Navigate: Teaching Kids to Read a Map” and “Exploding Minecraft Creeper-Inspired Alka Seltzer Rockets” – these are ideas are terrific! Your kids will be […]

6 Tools to Find Out Your Kids’ Learning Style


There may be a set of information that every child should know, but there are several different ways in which that child may learn that information. You can make the learning path easier for your own children by discovering their learning style and making the material available to learn in that style. Here are six tools […]

10 Tips For Homeschooling Kinesthetic Learners


If you have a child that is a kinesthetic learner, you know how hard it is to get him to sit still. This child learns best through experiencing and doing things which probably makes it difficult for him to be excited about listening to long explanations or reading long passages of text.In this post, you’ll find 10 wonderful […]