FREE Trust & Obey Hymn Study

Paper hearts with music notes on wooden background

This Trust and Obey hymn study is a beautiful way to teach your kids about trusting and obeying God, and a wonderful addition to your family worship. Learning about this sweet song is something we could all use and apply to our lives. The hymn study includes family devotions, notebooking pages, a lyric sheet, sheet […]

FREE Printable Poem, Hymn, and Scripture for Each Month of the Year


This freebie has combined the whimsical with the spiritual for a unique blend of study. It features Scripture notebooking pages for copywork, a printable poem, and a hymn. Videos are available for each month that will bring the information to life for your child! What a beautiful assembly, and you can start your year off […]

Trust & Obey Hymn Study with FREE Printables

Paper hearts with music notes on wooden background

Trusting and obeying are someĀ of the most important ways we can worship God. The sooner we teach these skills to our children, the smoother their life path will be. This Trust and Obey Hymn Study with free printables examines and explores the beautiful hymn by which it is named. You and your children will learn […]

Beginning Hymn Study with FREE Printables


Modern praise and worship songs are fun and fresh. But let’s not let the richness and depth of hymns pass off the scene because we didn’t expose our children to them. Hymns are full of doctrine and the setting in which they were often written brings a beautiful, more significant meaning. This study is a […]