7 Secrets of Child-Led Home Education FREE Video Course


7-Secrets of Child-Led Home Education – a FREE Video Course for Home Schooling Parents! In this FREE 7-part flash video course you’ll learn the key building blocks of fully Child-Led, Child-Centered, and Long-Term Home Education, and how to use them in your everyday home schooling life. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW! Do It Yourself […]

FREE Printable Noah Webster Study for Dictionary Day (Oct. 16)


October 16 is National Dictionary Day. This date was chosen because it is also the the birth date of Noah Webster, the Father of the Dictionary. Many Americans are unaware of Noah Webster’s role on the Christian History Timeline. But it’s so important as American Christians to know about him and his contributions to our […]

13 Common Homeschool Mistakes


There may be some mistakes that homeschooling parents make that we wish we could have learned earlier or avoided altogether. You might have gone head first into this homeschool year and are wondering what you may be doing wrong. Whether you have some years of homeschooling under your belt or you are a newbie, remember that mistakes are […]

Making Homeschool with a Toddler Work


If homeschooling with a toddler seems a little harder than you originally thought, then these 6 tips may be just what you need. Even with the most calm of toddlers, making homeschooling work with your other kids can be a challenge. Having toddlers in the house will keep you on your toes, and homeschooling can […]

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WINNING a Lifetime Download Club subscription to award winning CHSH-Teach.com means gaining instant access to thousands of quality teaching resources for PreK-12th Grade! Lynda (owner of CHSH-Teach.com) has had one of the best summers of her life and feels very blessed. That’s why she has decided to bless 3 people with Lifetime Download Club subscriptions. […]

Biblical Worldview Homeschooling


Do you ever feel like you could do more to teach your child God’s Word? Many times, even in our family bible study, my husband wants to be intentional about not making God’s Word just another box to tick off during the day. Biblical homeschooling means thinking biblically through everything we do and guiding kids […]

FREE Printable Ultimate Homemaking Checklist


This FREE ultimate printable Homemaking Checklist can help you save your sanity while you are taking care of everything. This checklist can help your daily homemaking tasks and schedule them out in a way that could fit your lifestyle. Creating a routine can lessen your overwhelm of being who God called you to be: His child, your husband’s wife, your kid’s mother, and keeper of the […]

Homeschooling Unit Studies for Multiple Ages


You can completely homeschool all your kids simultaneously with unit studies. Taking a unit study approach will save your sanity and is budget friendly. Unit studies are centered around a theme and nearly every subject can be taught around that theme. This post shares ideas, tips, and curriculum choices to save your sanity through unit […]

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  Do you want to help your teenager navigate the confusing world of dating? For a limited time, you can receive a free Parent’s Pack to help you encourage your teen to seek God when it comes to love and dating when you purchase any copy of At The Well:  Discovering God’s Plan for Finding True […]