FREE for One Week – Letter H Notebook


Join the journey through the alphabet this week with the next installment of the Letter of the Week Series, Letter H. And, don’t miss this week’s printable Letter H Notebook. It’s free for one week only!   This week’s Letter H pack includes: Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Mazes Dot-to-dots Circle the letter H’s page Horse […]

FREE Letter F Preschool Notebook


Join our Letter of the Week Series this week with a fun hands-on printable Letter F Notebook! This week’s Letter F pack includes: Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Mazes Dot-to-dots Circle the letter F’s page Fox & Flower Craft pages with cut out templates Coloring Pages Do-a-Dot Pages 3 Types of Puzzles CLICK HERE TO GRAB THIS […]

FREE Letter E Preschool Notebook


E is for Earth and elephant, this week as we learn all about the letter E! Preschool letter E printables are available now free for one week! The Letter E Notebook is full of fun literacy activities for your preschooler. It includes: Letter Mazes Elephant & Earth Craft Pages Coloring Pages Dot-to-Dot Pages Puzzles and more! […]

A Homeschool Curriculum Bargain Hunting Strategy


Looking to spruce up your bargain hunting strategy for homeschool curriculum? This post from a homeschool vet has just the tips to help you save big. We may go through a season where we can buy all curriculum at regular price. However, for most of us, at some point or the other, we have to […]

Prayer’s Essential Role in Homeschool


Have you ever felt like homeschooling was missing something? Have you been so busy trying to teach, that it felt like things are just too much to handle? The answer to it all, might be bowing the knee to seek after the Lord’s face. God has called you to this precious calling to homeschool. Seeking his face […]

FREE Rolling To-Do List (for Homeschool or Blogs)


Sometimes we really could use something to organize all of our thoughts, especially in our homeschooling or for our blogging adventures. This free rolling to-do list for your homeschool or blog planner will help you with getting everything down on paper and organized. This rolling list will help you to add and scroll with ease […]

Letter D Preschool Notebook Limited Time FREEBIE


Let’s learn about letter D this week with a Letter of the Week notebook pack. These Preschool letter D printables are available free for one week!   The Letter D Notebook is 20+ pages and will be free for one week! It includes: Letter Mazes Dinosaur & Dreamcatcher Craft Pages Coloring Pages Dot-to-Dot Pages Puzzles […]