How to Create a Daily Homeschool Schedule and FREE Printable


Plan for an organized day with tips on how to create a daily homeschool schedule for your kids. If you are new to homeschooling, then this will help you set a schedule to follow to create normalcy for the day. If homeschool planning is stressing you out, then creating a daily homeschool schedule to keep […]

Homeschool Day in the Life – FREE ebook


Download your free ebook containing the 2016 collection of Homechool Day in the Life posts from Fearless Homeschool. The recordings are of homeschool families during their homeschooling days. Who wouldn’t want to hear about another family’s day in the life? We always think the grass is greener or that we fall short so much. Well, […]

FREE Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner


Use this Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner to plan out your homeschool year. When you are ready to get your books in order and to get organized for the next school year, a planner is handy to get your execution plan together and solidified. If you are trying out Charlotte Mason methods this year, then this […]

Teen Entreprenership Course Giveaway — ends July 23


As your teen prepares to leave the nest, it may be a good idea to encourage entrepreneurial endeavors. As you may know, business entrepreneurship for teens is on the rise. Homeschooling gives the perfect opportunity for your teens to explore their interests, gifts, and passions and then turn those into a business. And while entrepreneurship […]

Tips For Earning Money for Your Homeschool


Learn how to get creative with homeschool spending, and to earn money for your homeschool with these easy tips. This mom shares all the different ways she has made “easy money” (over $2500) to help her pay for homeschool supplies. Thank goodness for tips and help like this, because we can all use some help […]

Homeschool Planning 101: Setting Realistic Goals


Some moms love planning their homeschool semester year and some, well … not so much. Use this insight to help you in starting a plan for your homeschool year and to set realistic goals for yourself. Some of us have a looming sense of fear about not planning well, or things not working out as […]