31 Things You Can Make Out of Cereal Boxes


I hope you’re ready for some very practical fun. Every time I throw out an empty cereal box, I do it with regret. Murmuring to myself, “There must be something I could do with this sturdy, colorful cardboard,” I break it down, fold it in half, and place it along the long wall of the trash […]

How to Keep Your Home Clean When You Have Little Kids


Are you driving yourself crazy trying to keep your home clean? I remember those days. Wait! I’m living those days right now! Honestly, these instructions on keeping a clean home also apply to homes like mine that have big kids! You will find yourself refreshed when you are reminded that keeping a clean home is […]

20 Frugal Ways to Keep Your House Warm


It’s always so surprising to get an electric bill in the wintertime. Here in Florida, our electric bills soar in the summer, and we finally get a reprieve in the winter. If you live in a northern state, you’re bound to be looking for ways to keep your winter heating bill down. Check out these […]

FREE Printable Checklist For Hosting a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Day


Ok, Girls! It’s November 1st. Unless you’re going out of town for Thanksgiving, that means you only have a few weeks before the big day is here! This free, printable Checklist For Hosting a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Day will help you to handle the stress by breaking all the preparations into smaller tasks. It starts at […]