A Speech Without an “I” – Creative Writing Prompts


With the elections right around the corner I am sure your teens will be seeing lots of speeches and debates.When newly elected president Theodore Roosevelt gave his inaugural address in 1905, he didn’t use the word “I.”To date, he is the only U. S. president to give an inaugural speech without the word “I” in it.This […]

FREE Expository Journal Prompts for Highschool

Merging with technology with man and machine coming together and merging into one as a technological concept of human computer engineering joining together with the intelligence of people.

What do robots, time capsules, and the search for eternal youth have in common? These expository journal prompts for high school students explore topics that in some way tie the past to the present, the future—or both. These are some great ideas and topics for your highschool students to write about. Grab these expository journal […]

4 Essay Prompts that Highschoolers will Love


If your teen finds writing dull and boring, then you may want to mix things up for them with fun, writing prompts.These fun writing prompts will get your teens excited about writing and voicing their opinion on paper. There are prompts for descriptive writing, opinions, and compare and contrast writing. You can grab these fun […]

FREE Cause and Effect Essay Prompts for Highschool


Do you need more topics for your highschoolers to write essays on? Consider having them right a cause and effect essay.When high schoolers are confronted with current events, they should be able to independently analyze the data or situations. These cause and effect essay prompts will help your teens to draw conclusions about the causes and […]

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay


Do you need help teaching your older students how to write an essay? When you are teaching your students how to write an essay it is important to teach them how to properly outline their thoughts. This tutorial includes a step by step free printable outline template to help your students through the entire process […]

Learn about our High School Writing and Literature choices for 11th Grade


We are going into our third year of homeschooling highschool and I am very excited for our choices this year! My son will be in 11th grade this year and we were in search of a good writing curriculum that covered everything he would need to prepare him for college. We have used a few […]

WriteAtHome.com High School Course Review and End Of Year Update!

Closeup Of Student Hand Writing On Paper

Here is our End of Year Update!Last Summer I began my search for something that I didn’t have to to teach. Enter the WriteAtHome.com courses! Their tag line is “We teach writing so you don’t have to!”When I first posted this review we had been using the Highschool Composition 1 Annual Course  for 8 weeks. We have now been using it for […]

WriteAtHome.com Highschool Course – Not Too Late to Sign Up!

Closeup Of Student Hand Writing On Paper

If you are struggling with teaching writing or you think you need to make a change in your writing curriculum you should consider WriteAtHome.com! It isn’t too late to sign up for a course.  There are so many different course offerings other than the yearly Annual Course Plan:There is a Pay Per Paper Service where you can submit […]