How to Increase Rigor on an Average High School Course

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Figuring out what types of classes your teens need and how to count them as credits for their transcripts can be tricky and overwhelming.This can be even more scary if your students are college-bound. Colleges like to see strong courses with rich course descriptions that are college-prep classes. There are many ways that you can […]

Demystifying the Homeschool High School Transcript — with FREE editable PDF


Homeschool Highschool Transcripts do not have to be a big worry! Transcripts do not have to be a huge ordeal. They can be simple and to the point and there really is no need to stress over them.  I love this FREE fillable PDF transcript form that you can download, input your child’s information into, and […]

FREE Transcript and Grade Report Printables


If you plan to homeschool through highschool then you will need to start thinking about grades and transcripts now!As kids grow older and move into the middle and high school ages, grade tracking becomes much more important. First kids need to get used to the construct of grading, averages, and how these things work. This […]