FREE Railroads, Regulations, and the Tariff Printable for Highschool


This handout would go well with a unit study on the railroads during American History. This American History Reading covers the importance of the growing railroad system and the politics and costs associated with it. After reading the information there are reading comprehension questions to answer. This would be great in a unit study notebook.Download […]

The Culture of the 1950’s FREE History Reading with Questions for Highschool


If your highschooler is learning about American History and American culture this year then you will want to check out this free handout.This handout is geared towards grades 9-12. It talks about the culture of the 1950’s. It covers the beginning of the beatnick movement and the rebellious style that was being portrayed in literature […]

What we are using for Highschool: Constitutional Literacy


My son is very excited to use Constitutional Literacy¬†this year! My son is going into 11th grade this year. For his ninth grade year we did a Government course with him and he loved it. He just loves History! This year he is dual enrolling in our local community college where he will be taking […]