Teen Life Skills: Living Expenses


My favorite part of homeschooling teenagers is all the close one on one time I get with them. I am able to teach them so many life skills by working along side them everyday. One very important life skill that I wish I learned about when I was a teen is learning about Living Expenses. Teaching […]

How to Assign High School Credit for Electives


My favorite part of homeschooling high school is being able to customize electives and subjects that interest my teens. When you homeschool, you can tailor any elective to what interests your students. Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out how to assign credit to a subject that is not a normal textbook type of […]

High School Electives you Probably Never Thought of but Should


I think one of my favorite parts of homeschooling through high school is helping my teens to choose their elective classes.Electives are a great way to introduce our teens to subjects and topics that can be of interest to them in the future, either as a career or as a hobby, or just to aid […]

Life Skills as Highschool Electives: Shop Class


Teaching life skills is such an important part of homeschooling. My favorite part of homeschooling is the extra free time we have in our days to learn important life skills.Did you ever take shop class in Highschool? I found out just recently, that our local public highschool doesn’t even offer shop or woodworking class anymore. […]

FREE Home Economics Course for Older Daughters


Have you considered adding a Home Economics course to your highschool plan this year? It is so important to raise our daughters to be godly woman that are resourceful and can care for their family. This is something we can do on a regular basis in every day life while being home with them. It […]

FREE Printable Pack for Planning Your Highschool Electives


Planning for homschooling Highschool can be a lot of fun, especially when choosing electives! Plan Your High School Electives is a 3 step process of research, conversations with your teen, and a narrowing down of choices and how you will fulfill them.Step One: Checklist of High School Electives Options – an extensive list of options to […]