20 Hands-On Activities for Learning Colors


These fun hands-on activities for learning colors are a great way to teach and reinforce preschool and kindergarten concepts. These fun activities have something for all kids like sorting and matching to homemade games. It is easy to use worksheets to teach color. However if you want to stay away from worksheets, then you will love these […]

FAFSA can Equal FREE Money


FAFSA is for current and prospective college students who are looking at the high cost of college and what their family is expected contribution. Every year students need to reapply for the FAFSA. The FAFSA is need-based, grant-based and offers many entitlements. It lets you calculate how much you should be able to pay for college. […]

Homeschooling Without Stressing Out


There are many ways to succeed at homeschooling without stressing out. Learn a secret to a smooth upcoming homeschool year. Being in charge of your student’s learning opens the door to an entirely new way of thinking about school. Ultimately, this truly can free you from many things that aren’t necessary when it comes to […]

5 Easy Ways to Help Your Homeschooler Write a Personal Narrative


Inspire your secondary homeschoolers with these five easy ways to help your students write a personal narrative. These tips will help you give them the confidence to write their own stories. Narrative writing is just turning the stories of their lives into a written format, but convincing kids they have a story to tell can […]

Top Ten Test Taking Strategies with FREE Printables


Prepare your students to be ready for test days with these top ten test-taking strategies. These strategies can help ease their anxieties and help them to take tests without added stress. Some kids clam up during tests, it is more common than you would think. Provide the children you know with the tools needed to help them […]

FREE Reading Comprehension Strategies for Kids

books front empty blackboard

Explore these nine reading comprehension strategies to help your child learn and grow as a reader. Teaching reading comprehension can be super hard if your child is a struggling reader. Comprehension is a combination of reading, thinking, and reasoning. It isn’t simple to teach this at times and it isn’t easy to teach for children who learn differently or […]

31 Best Kitchen Hacks Nobody Told You About


Try these 31 brilliant kitchen hacks to save you time and money. You will find anything from fixing stale bread, flat champagne, & unevenly heated leftovers. These are tips & tricks you can use on a daily basis, and when you read them… you will wonder why you haven’t thought of them before. I can’t […]

FREE Printable Comprehension Book List


Use this free printable comprehension book list to find some books for working on comprehension strategies or skills with your learners. Once my son started reading, I quickly understood that although he was reading the words, he didn’t quite get what he was reading about. Once I he started reading more fluently, I knew it was time […]