FREE Adding Fractions Game to Help Kids Understand


Do you dread teaching addition with fractions? What about fractions with unlike denominators? It doesn’t have to be confusing and hard! This fun, hands on game helps kids to visualize fractions and make sense of adding fractions. All you need are some pattern blocks! Learn more and grab the free game from Bethany at Math […]

Free Hands On Geometry Lesson


Are you exploring triangles and angle properties with you child? This fun, hands-on geometry lesson helps make sense of angle properties inside a triangle. This download includes two different lessons to explore common geometry concepts in a fun way. In addition, there are teaching tips to help you explore the lesson with your child, as […]

Introduction to Multiplication Lesson Bundle Sale: Now through April 8th


Are you preparing to introduce your kids to multiplication? This is such an important math concept, and one that requires a solid foundation for future math learning. This Introduction to Multiplication Lesson Bundle from Bethany at Math Geek Mama includes everything you need to set your kids up for success!   This bundle includes hands-on […]